Semiotics… of burgers.

McDonald’s Sundial Billboard

Pretty clever.

-A red billboard with a small logo of the “Golden Arches” in the corner
-Pictures of 6 different items from McDonald’s menu attached to lines
-Numbers next to the pictures of the food
-A large ‘M’ hanging over head, casting a shadow that moves as the sun moves across the sky

-Even with McDonald’s logo being relatively small in this ad, the billboard’s shade of red is an indicator of the brand
-The billboard acts as a sundial, with the numbers next to the food being the hours of the day
-As the shadow of the overhead ‘M’ moves, it suggests to the viewer that “9 o’clock is a great time for an Egg McMuffin.”

Mcdonald’s Breakfast Ad


-A woman seemingly made out of bubbles
-She is setting books down on a desk
-The clock face is at about 8:05
-Text reads “Leave you morning mood behind” and under the Golden Arches is “easy morning”

-The way the figure is dressed along with her setting suggests that she is a teacher
-The time of day and the blank blackboard indicates that the school day has just begun
-Being made of bubbles is a metaphor for fragile morning and being on the edge of bursting
-The tag lines suggest that McDonald’s breakfast options will make your day much better

TGI Friday’s Burger Ad

-Close up shots of hamburgers
-Burgers being assembled and eaten
-Narrator: “hand-crafted”, “fresh ingredients”, “flavor in every bite”

-The close up on the food brings the viewer closer to the burger
-The sizzling meats, dewey veggies, fresh baked buns, and dripping sauces emphasizes the quality of the ingredients and the care put into its preparation
-“Stacked Burgers” are the subject of this ad, and the commercial shows the hamburgers being stacked layer by layer to showcase the multitude of ingredients going into each burger
-The narrator’s dialogue is meant to appeal to the viewer’s association with words like “hand-crafted” and “fresh”


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