Gender Stereotypes

In class we watched an advertisement for Rose Petal Cottage, seen below. This play house is aimed at little girls using stereotypes in the commercial. The colors of the product are all pastel pink, purple, and yellow. The add-ons available include a washing machine and a crib. The girls playing the commercial are only shown cooking, cleaning, and taking care of a baby. The lyrics of the ad’s jingle include phrases like “taking care of my home is a dream dream dream”. These things influence young girls to think that becoming a housewife is the only path in life.

We got into small groups to discuss the ad and how it could be changed to  avoid gender stereotypes. Our group came up with the idea of adding extra furniture that wasn’t related to an indoor household chore, like a television or a lawnmower. Adding a little boy to the commercial could change it up. Instead of a just a little girl singing the jingle, there could be a small group of boys and girls singing.


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