My Buddy, The Super Bowl.

Me and the Super Bowl. Sure, we don’t have much in common.

And no, I don’t pay much attention to the majority of it.

But I still love the Super Bowl because it brings with it one of my favorite things:
food Super Bowl ads

One of my favorite ads of Super Bowl XLVIII was Jaguar’s “British Villains ‘Rendezvous'”

I love this commercial. And it’s not because it stars the dashing Tom Hiddleston.
The actors portray the stereotypical Bond villain: intelligent, affluent, mysterious, and so very cool.
It seems that these villains are meant to be the personification of Jaguar as a brand. They describe themselves as more focused, more precise, one step ahead, with a certain style, an eye for detail, and obsessed with power. If you as a consumer would like these traits for yourself, you had better go out and get yourself a Jag.

This ad really gives Jaguar a distinguished air. The hashtag for the campaign, #GoodToBeBad, aims to connect to the viewer’s darker side, itching to be a bit naughty. Apparently, you can be as bad as you’d like when you drive a Jaguar.

I may not have seen this commercial if I wasn’t watching the Super Bowl. It’s not just a sporting event. Some fans have adopted as a national holiday. It’s an enormous event for advertisers as well, with over 100 million* watching Super Bowl XLVIII. That’s a lot of potential customers.



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