Brands and Mapping

The focus of our group discussion on mapping was restaurants that specialize in sandwiches.

With Subway as our choice as The Boss, it was decided that one of its sustainable strengths was the variety of ingredients available for a sandwich. The benefit it champions is a healthier lifestyle (with the relatively low price tag of $5). Subway strengthens its benefits with backing from athletes and, of course, Jared. His incredible success story really gave Subway that extra push to get ahead of its competition.

JaredThe aforementioned testimony

The Fighter that we discussed in particular was Quiznos. As a brand, Quiznos doesn’t promote healthy sandwiches. What they do champion is their “toasty” sandwiches full of flavor and high quality ingredients. It was surprisingly difficult to name competitors of Subway, making it clear just how much power the brand possesses. From our discussion, there arose no clear method in which Quiznos could “outflank” Subway as the the boss of sandwiches.

At the end of 2010, Subway even surpassed McDonald’s in the number of restaurants worldwide.


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