The 60s today

When I think of the advertising of the 60s, one word comes to mind: Americana.

When someone speaks of American history and culture, I immediately picture an illustrated print ad from the era. Though the 60s were about three decades before my time, the advertising style was so iconic and prevalent that, even without any formal study, I can conjure a clear image of typical ad of the time, such as this.

sony-tv-print-ad-1965The blonde woman with the bobbed hair. The bottom half of the ad filled with copy. This is what I see.

I’m also fascinated with the amount of text that comes along with many ads from the 60s. It’s not just a caption or a slogan. There are entire paragraphs of rhetoric that supplement the image. I personally don’t see that very much in contemporary advertising. But there are definitely ads today that evoke the image and style of the 60s.

Audrey Hepburn, the icon from Hollywood’s Golden Age, is revived through the use of CGI in this commercial for Dove chocolates. The song used in the commercial is “Moon River”, sung by Hepburn herself in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

One can see that the influence of the 60s is still alive and kicking today.


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